let’s stop whispering about MENTAL ILLNESS and starting talking about MENTAL WELLNESS

to get where you want to go in life, you have to accept where you are right now.

i had a lot goals- just like anyone else. sometimes my dreams were even bigger and crazier than everyone else around me.

when mental illness came into play, i put it in my head that i would never be able to accomplish the ambitions i had laid out for my life.

“i am ill

i can not function like everyone else

i’m not healthy

and that’s the exact reason why i have these crazy far-out-of-reach dreams and ambitions…

because i’m sick.”







all lies.

but at the time, i didn’t know they were lies…

i was told i had a mental illness. i was set up to believe i would struggle throughout my entire life to be able to live like everyone else.


we should stop diagnosing a mentally ill person by telling them the symptoms, giving them the treatment options and never talking about it again.

we should keep the conversation going. 

we need to keep the conversation going.

instead of whispering about mental illness, we need to start talking about mental wellness.

let’s start giving our younger generation tools to keep their minds in a healthy place- and if it’s not, let’s give them resources to get the help they need- the help they deserve.


some people go through periods of mental unwellness- sometimes those periods last a lifetime or they may even be born that way.

but let me ask you this…

if a boy is born with only one leg, do doctors tell him he will never be able to walk?

no. they give the patient tools so the boy is able to function in order to live his best life. he may have to do things a little differently than others, sometimes he might be a little slower.

but when the boy is given the tools to be able to get around with one leg, he has been set up to live out all his dreams- no matter how crazy they may be.

the boy is set up for success.

yes he understands he’s not like everyone else with two legs, but that’s the way he was born and he has never known the difference.
i finally realized that paralyzing myself in my illness was also a lie. it was a cop out i didn’t even know existed until it was gone.

i had to tell myself that i AM a successful person and that i CAN accomplish all those dreams i once had. i may do it differently than others- but in the end i CAN turned all my dreams into realities.

realizing where i was helped me find my way to where i was going.

after coming to acceptance with my situation, i grew into the person i am today by taking the focus off of my mental illness and striving towards mental wellness.

i wish there was a program i could say i went through or a method to my madness, but i learned to do it all on my own- and that’s scary.

i’ve talked to different doctors, read hundreds of articles, watched  a ton of talks and seminars online. i’ve learned to rely on friends and family to hold me up when i’m weak, and Jesus to keep me strong.

i’ve invested my time to learn about all different types of mental illnesses- all to fix mine…

it. should. not. be. that. hard.
if mental illness affects 1 in 5 Americans, why aren’t we teaching mental wellness? 

the world is at a faster pace than ever, and i have a feeling this statistic will rise.


to get where you want to go in life, you have to accept where you are right now…

i want to get to a place in my life where i live in a world where mental wellness is just as important as eating healthy and exercising.

i want to live in a world that does not have to be concerned about ending the stigma around mental illness, but accept it for what it is and embrace it when it arises.

i want to live in a world that society regularly educates mental wellness instead of occasionally talking about mental illness- most of the time after it’s too late.

to get where you want to go in life, you have to accept where you are right now.

i accept the fact that the world i want to live in is not the world i live in right now- but my question is, how are we going to get there?

One thought on “let’s stop whispering about MENTAL ILLNESS and starting talking about MENTAL WELLNESS

  1. I completely agree with you… we need to keep the conversation going, and continue to talk about it. Kids need to know about mental health and mental illness, know that it’s okay to not be okay. Wonderful post!


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